Off-Road Vehicles

Operating off-road vehicles

All university-owned golf carts and off-road vehicles at IU must be registered and have a vehicle number assigned by Fleet Services (as described by policy FIN-INS-03). Vehicles must be titled through the Indiana BMV, but are not eligible for license plates.

Detailed requirements regarding drivers, equipment, operation, and registration can be found on the Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims website.

What qualifies as a golf cart or off-road vehicle?

It’s important to understand what is considered a golf cart or an off-road vehicle at IU.

Golf cart

A vehicle normally used to transport people and equipment to play golf in an area designated as a golf course. Our policy does not apply to golf carts used on a golf course except as specifically indicated in policy FIN-INS-03.

Off-road vehicle (ORV)

A motor-driven vehicle capable of cross-country travel over land or other natural terrain (not a road). Examples include:

  • A multiwheel drive or low-pressure tire vehicle
  • An all-terrain vehicle (ATV)
  • A recreational off-highway vehicle
  • Any means of transportation deriving motor power from a source other than muscle or wind

Not included in the definition of an off-road vehicle are:

  • A farm vehicle
  • A lawn mower
  • A construction or other industrial-related vehicle
  • A snowmobile
  • A golf cart
  • A Segway
  • An electric bicycle

Interested in buying an off-road vehicle?

If you’re interested in buying an off-road vehicle for your department or unit, we can help you with the purchasing process. Contact Amanda Wilson, Fleet Services Manager, at