Vehicle Rental

Who can rent a vehicle?

Faculty, staff, and temporary employees can rent our vehicles for university business purposes. Approved student organizations can also rent vehicles, but there are separate procedures for student rentals.

Learn about student vehicle rentals

Information to know before you rent

There is some information you’ll need to provide and some credentials you’ll need to acquire before you can rent a vehicle.

  • The number of passengers, preferred vehicle type, your destination, dates of travel, and your university account number. You will reserve your vehicle first with these pieces of information.
  • An approved Motor Vehicle Records Check on file with the Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims (INLOCC). All drivers are required to have an MVR check. Not sure what your status is? Contact INLOCC to find out.
  • An active profile in the FleetCommander system. We use Agile FleetCommander to manage reservations and billing for the Motor Pool. You are required to have an active profile in the FleetCommander system to reserve or drive a vehicle. With an active profile, you can reserve a vehicle for yourself or other university travelers (who have active profiles). Check your profile or create a new profile online (FleetCommander is best viewed in Firefox or Internet Explorer).

The reservation process

The process to rent a vehicle just takes a few steps:

  • Reserve your vehicle in the FleetCommander system.
  • A Fleet Services staff member reviews your reservation, checking to make sure it’s complete.
  • If we have all of the required information from you, we approve the reservation and assign a vehicle.
  • A confirmation email is sent to the traveler, arranger (if different than the traveler), and the fiscal officer.

Any changes to the reservation can be requested through the FleetCommander system.

Picking up a vehicle

All vehicles are picked up from the Fleet Services office. Rental vehicles can be picked up or dropped off 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will provide instructions if you need to pick up your vehicle outside our office hours.

When you pick up your vehicle, we will go over information about how to drop off your vehicle and fueling procedures. We will also answer any questions you may have.

Parking is available in the Fleet Services customer lot, and no IU parking permit is needed. Bicycle parking is also available in our customer lot.