Vehicle Lease

Leasing a vehicle at IU

Fleet Services provides a full range of services for departments that need to lease a vehicle. The services we offer vary by campus.

At IU Bloomington, departments lease vehicles directly through Fleet Services. We partner with ARI to provide the operating leases.

At IUPUI and the IU regional campuses, departments may either lease vehicles through Fleet Services partnerships, or purchase a vehicle with reserve funds. We assist with specifications, purchase, vehicle receiving, and maintenance for departments that opt to purchase a vehicle.

Learn how to lease a vehicle

About our leases

Our leases are operating leases that include preventive maintenance and required inspections in the lease payment. Leases are billed on a monthly basis and all charges are billed through Kuali Financial System (KFS) on a service billing document.

Fuel, insurance, and mechanical repairs are billed separately and are not included in the lease payment.

If you would like a lease that covers mechanical repairs, please contact Amanda Wilson, Fleet Services Manager, at

Leased vehicles can be replaced after 12 months. Contact us to discuss the process for replacing your vehicle.

How to lease a vehicle

Leasing a vehicle through Fleet Services just takes a few steps:

  1. Contact Amanda Wilson at to let her know you are interested in leasing a vehicle.
  2. Communicate your needs, including information about the size/type of vehicle needed, when and how much it will be used, where it will travel, and who will drive it.
  3. Once Fleet Services has identified a safe, reliable, and cost-effective vehicle to meet your needs, there is a 10- to 12-week waiting period while your vehicle is built.
  4. Any university driver who plans to operate the vehicle is required to complete a Motor Vehicle Records Check before they are able to drive it.

Fueling your leased vehicle

IU vehicles should be fueled at the Fleet Services self-serve fuel station when in Monroe County. You will be given a PROKEE® to access the fuel station and the touchless automatic car wash at our 801 N. Range Road location.

You will need to request a user ID and PIN for access to the Fleet Services fuel system. Contact Nik Jones at to make the request.

WEX fuel cards are available if you need to purchase fuel outside of Monroe County. WEX cards are assigned to individual vehicles if they are requested by a fiscal officer and there is a demonstrated need to fuel the vehicle outside Monroe County. WEX cards require you to enter odometer information and a driver ID and PIN. (The driver ID and PIN are different than the user ID and PIN needed for the Fleet Services fuel system.)

All fuel charges are captured electronically and billed to departments through the ID billing process in KFS.

Preventive maintenance and repair

All leases include preventive maintenance which meets or exceeds manufacturer recommendations at prescheduled intervals. Since all vehicles are not on the same maintenance schedule, it is important to know your vehicle’s required level of service.

Fleet Services calculates the optimal time to perform inspections and preventive maintenance on vehicles based on information such as mileage, fuel used, and the duration of time since previous maintenance. We notify departments when vehicles are due for service to schedule it.

Leased vehicles at regional campuses

Vehicles leased (or owned) at regional campuses are also monitored and departments are notified when service is due. We bill a monthly charge for each owned vehicle to cover the cost of preventive maintenance and inspections.

If you know that it’s time for scheduled maintenance, contact us to schedule an appointment and coordinate payment.

Accident Damage Reporting

Departments are responsible for reporting accidents and damages as they occur. Please follow the procedures below to report accidents.

  • The police should always be called to the scene of an accident. Get the officer's name, badge number, and department.
  • If the accident is serious, contact INLOCC immediately at one of the emergency numbers listed:
  • If the accident is minor (no injuries, vehicles drivable) report to INLOCC by the next business day.
  • Complete the accident report form  to report accidents to Fleet Services and INLOCC.
  • If you have a camera, take several pictures of the scene and damages (of everything that is damaged) and attach pictures to the report form.
  • If the vehicle is not drivable and you need a replacement vehicle, please contact Motor Pool at 812-855-3300 or email