Student Group Rentals

IU Motor Pool Guide to Student Travel

IU allows registered student organizations to rent vehicles from the Fleet Services Motor Pool to transport students for approved activities.

There are a few procedures and policies that groups need to follow in order to rent our vehicles.

For additional information, visit the Student Affairs guide for Travel and Transportation.

Creating a profile to reserve vehicles or be a driver

To get started, visit IU Fleet Services Motor Pool and login. If you haven't used the IU Motor Pool before please check to see if you have the required usage type (USO or SGSO). Do not use University Travel for a student travel reservation if you do not have the correct usage type available. Contact Motor Pool at or call 812-855-3300.

If you have never used the Motor Pool before you will need to click, “Sign Up Now” to create a profile. In the Comments section of this form, please specify "USO" or "SGSO" and note that you are a "student organization driver."

If you are a USO you will need to supply your University Account Number. If you are a SGSO, please use account 0000003.



If you have questions about student group vehicle rental, contact the Fleet Services Motor Pool reservation desk at or 812-855-3300.